Austria Driver Visa

Travels between countries take place for different reasons. One of them is the driver’s visa. Each country has different documents and different application processes for the driver’s visa according to their own practices. As a matter of fact, Austria, which our country is in constant contact with, is a country that has its own characteristics in terms of issuing driver visas.

It can be easily said that one of the most basic things that can be said about the Austrian driver’s visa is a Schengen visa type. Therefore, the documents required for the Schengen visa are generally requested. The process proceeds in this way.

How to apply?

  • Those who want to get an Austrian driver’s visa can apply to the Austrian consulate with the documents requested below. The most important issue here is the fingerprint requirement as it is a Schengen visa. If the person applying for a driver’s visa does not have a fingerprint taken within the last five years, he or she must provide a fingerprint. Fingerprints taken within the last five years are valid. As a matter of fact, without this fingerprint, the visa application will not be accepted in any way. After preparing the documents for the driver’s visa, they go to the Austrian consulate on the date and time of the appointment given to them and deliver the documents. Here, it is necessary to be at the consulate punctually on the day and time of the appointment. The results of the applications are finalized between seven days and fifteen days. Accordingly, an application must be made at least one month in advance.

Required Documents for Application

  • Required documents for application:
    • First of all, you must have a passport. This passport must meet certain criteria. The passport must not be older than ten years. It should not have a missing page, nor should it be torn. The validity period of the passport must be a current passport with a validity of 3 months after leaving the country.
    • Travel health insurance valid in all Schengen countries with a minimum coverage amount of 30,000 Euros
    • 2 biometric photographs of 35*45 mm size with a white background, taken with a new date.
    • Visa request chart addressed to the Austrian consulate
    • Visa application form, which is an application form that must be filled with the utmost care and care. There are two options here. The first of these is in a hand-filled form with capital letters. Or it can be prepared in the computer environment. It should be completely filled and there should not be any incomplete information, nor should there be any false information.
    • Information document containing the travel route
    • Company’s tax certificate
    • Company signature circular
    • Export permit C2 document
    • Company’s activity certificate
    • Tade registry gazette
    • Employer’s full address and contact numbers
    • Name, surname, and position of the person signing the visa documents
    • Job area of the employee
    • Driver’s start date
    • Number of days the driver is off
    • 3-month payroll of the employee
    • Service breakdown of the employee, namely the driver, and SGK employment certificate
    • Driver’s license with national and international validity
    • If it is a member of the International Transporters Association, which is called ITA for short, the guarantee certificate belonging to it or if it is not a member, the company guarantee certificate is the documents required for an Austrian driver visa.