Belgium Driver Visa

No matter where in the world, the connections between countries never slow down, and countries are constantly in communication with each other in some form and they engage in different kinds of cooperation. As a matter of fact, one of the countries with which our country has relations in Belgium. Belgium today, our country’s citizens living there are also taken into account, especially transportation, tour, etc. It is a country to go to for purposes. As a matter of fact, in this case, a Belgian driver’s visa is required from those who will go to this country as a driver. As in many other countries, Belgium has different types of visas for different purposes, and the driver’s visa is one of them. The details of this issue are also included in this article.

As those involved in the Belgian driver visa know very well, it is a type of Schengen visa and if you are going to go to this country as a driver, a Schengen visa valid in the European Union countries must be obtained, and the procedures and procedures to be followed are the same as those of other countries. A driver visa is a document that allows those who will arrive in Belgium as a transport driver or tour driver within six months to stay in this country for 90 days, either intermittently or completely for 90 days.

How to Apply?

  • There are two methods followed to apply for a Belgium driver’s visa. First of all, the driver himself can apply to the Belgian consulate. Or, he can do this through a specialist visa center or an authorized agency that has never dealt with these matters and has been authorized in this business. Regardless of the method, the documents required by the Belgian consulate must be prepared at the beginning. Apart from this, one of the most important facts is the fingerprint of the person. If there are fingerprints in the last five years, it remains valid because it is in the records and there is no need to give fingerprints again, but if there is no fingerprint, a fingerprint should be given. The prepared documents must be prepared correctly, completely, in the desired format, and absolutely without false information. After the application is made to the Belgian Consulate, a response is received from the relevant units of the consulate within 10 to 15 days. Sometimes, this period may be extended as unexpected situations may occur. Therefore, it is a wise decision to apply 1 month before going to Belgium.

Required Documents for Application

  • Required documents for application:
    • A newly taken biometric photograph with a white background of 3.5*4.5 cm
    • Passport with the last two pages blank, torn, without missing pages, and valid for 3 more months after leaving the country
    • Travel health insurance with a guarantee of 30 thousand euros
    • SGK service statement and employment entry declaration
    • Internationally valid driver’s license
    • Standard required documents containing up-to-date information about the company
    • Copy of identity card
    • Population registration sample that must be approved
    • Visa application form. This form must be filled in without the slightest incomplete or error.
    • Copy and original of the CMR document
    • The guarantee letter is the required documents for obtaining a Belgium driver visa.