Czech Republic Driver Visa

There are procedures applied for entry and exit between countries and documents to be prepared. Regardless of the country, the most basic document that people need to prepare when going abroad is the passport, but there are also visas that are special for that country when entering each country. These visas also vary within themselves. As a matter of fact, one of the different types of visa is the driver’s visa. It is a type of visa that is mainly of the Schengen visa type in European Union countries. Every country requires a driver’s visa from people who will come to their country for transportation purposes or as a driver of a company that brings tours. A Czech Republic driver’s visa is a type of Schengen visa required for those who will enter the Czech Republic as a driver. Drivers arriving commercially without this document cannot enter the Czech Republic. The Czech Republic, a former Eastern Blog country, is one of the countries with the strictest rules at this point.

The routes to be followed to obtain a Czech Republic driver’s visa and the documents required for the application are given below in the most detailed way, leaving no question marks in mind.

How to Apply?

    • After the information given above, let’s talk about what needs to be done to get a Czech Republic driver’s visa step by step, without leaving you wondering. If, unlike many other countries, there are some minor changes, if people do not want to risk their driver visa, then an authorized institution in this field you can also apply through the channel. Or you can apply directly.The place to apply for a Czech Republic driver’s visa is the Consulate of the Czech Republic, regardless of its type. Applications are made here by preparing all the documents listed below in a complete and error-free manner. In order to obtain a visa, it is necessary to make an appointment in advance and to be at the Czech Republic Consulate on the appointed appointment day at the appointed time. At this point, the consulate is extremely sensitive.The Czech Republic Consulate responds to the applications within fifteen days. However, sometimes additional documents may be requested or an unexpected situation may arise. Considering all these risks, an application should be made one month before going to the Czech Republic.Of course, except for the documents mentioned below, fingerprints should be given if they have not been given in the last five years, as in all Schengen visa types.

Required Documents for Application

    • Required Documents for Application:
      • 2 recent biometric photographs taken in relevant sizes
      • Visa application form filled in English with relevant parts signed
      • Additional information form required for Istanbul applications
      • Travel health insurance valid in all Schengen countries with a coverage amount of 30.000 Euro
      • Photocopy of the passaport
      • The driver’s payroll for the last 3 months must be signed and stamped.
      • Invitation from the company with which we do business in the Czech Republic
      • SGK service breakdown
      • Employer permit and approval document
      • C2 authorization certificate
      • Company official documents
      • The license of the vehicle to be used
      • Driver’s license
      • Documentation of travel expenses