France Driver Visa

Borders are now narrowing and travels between countries are carried out continuously. As a matter of fact, France is one of the most visited countries in our country, both for sightseeing and for business purposes. Drivers who will go to France for business purposes, on the other hand, need to obtain a French driver’s visa in order to enter this country. Otherwise, they do not have a chance to enter as a tourist, whether they take tourists or do transportation. As a matter of fact, in this article, we will try to answer the question of how to apply for a French driver’s visa, what are the required documents.

Let’s start step by step

How to Apply for Driver Visa?

  • There are two basic methods for obtaining a driver’s visa for France. The first of these is to get this job done through the companies that do this job. Another method is the application of the person concerned himself, without intervening in any intermediaries. In both cases, the following documents must be prepared completely and without errors and an application must be made with the original identity. French consulates are the official authorities responsible for this work. After the documents are prepared, an appointment is made from the consulate and a driver visa should be made at the French consulate on the day and time of the appointment. The results of the applications are usually between 7 and 10 days, but in some periods this period may be longer. For this reason, it is a much more logical and correct step to apply one month in advance. It is necessary to apply without the slightest risk.

Documents Required for Driver Application

  • Documents Required for Driver Application:
    • First of all, the passport is the most essential document. Must be owned by the driver himself and must be 10 years old. One of the most basic points of the business here is that the passport should be valid for at least 3 months. In addition, 2 pages should be blank.
    • SGK registration is another required document. The important point here is that it should be a document issued during the application in an up-to-date form.
    • The visa application form is a document in the same format for those who have previously filled out a Schengen visa. There should not be the slightest mistake in all information.
    • Chamber of commerce registration of the company where the driver works
    • C2 certificate, which is among the most indispensable
    • Driver’s license with a valid date
    • Visa application petition: A signed and stamped petition prepared by the company where the driver works, indicating the dates of arrival in France, which must contain completely correct and complete information.
    • 2 biometric photos taken within the last 3 months at the latest
    • The letter of guarantee given by the International Transporters to the company to which the travel will be made.
    • Invitation letter sent from another company from EU countries or from the company’s partner abroad

Things to Consider During Application

  • The most important thing to know for those who want to obtain a French driver’s visa is that the information is up-to-date and correct. The French consulate is doing very serious research on this issue. In case of errors, lies, or the slightest incompleteness, the visa application will be rejected unconditionally. In some cases, consular officials may also request documents.