Netherlands Driver Visa

The Netherlands is one of the countries where Turkish citizens live the most. Based on this, the Netherlands occupies a place in itself among the European countries with which our country has the most intensive commercial communication. Shopping also does not slow down in any way, and this naturally makes driver visa mandatory for those who will go to this country as a driver. Obtaining a Dutch driver’s visa is a slightly different situation than other countries, and as it can be understood from the documents requested below, documents are required in a much more comprehensive way and in which everything is down to the last detail.

If you wish, let’s give the answers to the question of how to get a Dutch driver’s visa step by step and what should be done in the most accurate way and without wasting any time for 2021.

How to Apply?

  • The Netherlands driver visa is a short-term visa type for those who will enter the country with short-term transportation vehicles such as trucks, trucks, or private vehicles. There are two ways to obtain a Dutch driver’s visa. The first of these is to make an appointment with the Dutch Consulate after the person has prepared the following documents completely, correctly, and completely, and then to apply in person at the Dutch consulate on the specified day and time. Here, when choosing a company working in this field, it is important to get services from organizations that are experts in Dutch visa applications. Dutch driver visa should be done one month before going to this country as in other countries. The reason for this may be the request for additional documents or the elimination of deficiencies in the given documents. On average, the return of the Dutch Consulate after the application varies between one week and 10 days under normal conditions, but sometimes this period can be extended during periods when the extra and excessive consulate is busy.

Required Documents for Application

The documents required by the Dutch authorities for the Dutch driver’s visa are as follows: Visa application fee. This fee must be paid and the receipt must be placed in the visa application file. The visa fee may vary from year to year.

    • Salary slips for the last 3 months
    • A valid passport, with the last two pages blank and not older than 10 years. Here, the validity period must also be longer, up to at least 3 months after the estimated return time from the Netherlands.
    • The Schengen visa application form is among the most important application documents. It must be wet signed and there must not be the slightest omission, the slightest mistake, the slightest mistake. Otherwise, the application will not be accepted even if the other documents are complete.
    • 1 newly dated biometric photograph in 35*45 sizes. The background must be white.
    • Authorization letter, which is required if it is a company that is an agency.
    • Another document required for the Netherlands driver visa is the reservation document showing the dates of entry and exit to the hotel if you will be staying at the hotel.
    • SSI service breakdown
    • A document showing the status of the driver in the workplace signed on the letterhead of the company where the driver works.
    • C2 certificate
    • Invitation as in other countries
    • Company guarantee letter
    • Current CMR records