The Name You Trust in Transit Trade: Eye Transportation

As a strong country in its region, Turkey draws attention with the opportunities it offers in the field of transit trade. By expanding our services in this field, as Eye Transportation, we offer diversified transit trade services to our customers by using the advantages provided by Turkey.

Transit Trade: Advantages and Turkey’s Role

Transit trade is the name of the trade that takes place through countries used as transit countries during import and export transactions between two countries. Turkey’s geographical location allows it to function as a strategic bridge between Asia and Europe. This ensures that this trade, which takes place without entering Turkey’s customs area, is exempt from taxes and duties. This makes this advantage extremely important for companies operating in the field of foreign trade.

Professional Transit Trade Services with Eye Transportation

Our company offers its customers the most effective options in transit trade, which is a complex but profitable field. In the services we offer, we stand out by offering new opportunities and opportunities to contribute to the sustainability of businesses.

Market Research: We research new opportunities and offer profitable trading opportunities by bringing buyers and sellers together. We maintain a unique balance between supply and demand by using our effective analysis tools.
Transit Trade Legislation and Process Management: Transit trade has different processes than other trade methods. We provide the necessary information for businesses that will engage in transit trade for the first time to manage the process successfully.
Planning: We offer professional support in effectively planning commercial relationships and establishing correct relationships with buyers and sellers. In this way, we minimize the risk of businesses making mistakes.

Assured with Professional Transit Trade Service

As a company with a strong infrastructure and experience in international trade, Eye Transportation offers perfect support to dozens of businesses. We support the revitalization of the country’s economy by contributing to the inflow of foreign currency into Turkey. We are aware that transit trade makes an economic contribution not only at the individual level but also at the social level. We are here to be the name your business trusts in transit trade.