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Eye Transportation: Value-Added and Rational Logistics Services

As Eye Transportation, we offer effective storage and distribution solutions to our customers with our expert staff and wide business network, as well as qualified services that will add value to their operations.

Storage Services

Eye Transportation aims to optimize the supply chain processes of its customers. In this regard, we offer single-customer or shared storage organization in our logistics centers located in Hadımköy, Tuzla, Tepeören, Esenyurt, Başiskele, Bursa, Adana, İzmir, Ankara, Eskişehir, and Afyon or in customers’ own warehouses. In addition, we provide duty-free and duty-free storage services in open and closed warehouses with a total area of 240,350 m2 in our 20 logistics centers.

Value Added Services

We make it our mission to create added value in supply chain processes to enable our customers to gain a competitive advantage. Among the value-added services we offer:

Quality Control: We implement rigorous quality control processes to ensure the quality of products.
Barcoding and Labeling: We offer effective barcoding and labeling services for accurate tracking and identification of products.
Product Assembly and Packaging: We optimize business processes by providing product assembly and packaging services in accordance with customer demands.
Inventory Management: We improve our customers’ processes by effectively managing their stocks.
Order Management: We increase customer satisfaction with fast and accurate order management.
Reverse Logistics Services: We maintain customer satisfaction by effectively managing product return processes.
Packaging and Packaging: We offer professional packaging and wrapping services for safe storage and transportation of products.
Customer-Focused Service Approach

As Eye Transportation, we contribute to our customers’ making their logistics processes more effective and efficient by producing solutions specific to their needs. In line with demands, we also offer special services such as stock tracking, damaged/quarantine stock management, product counting, and reservation distribution through our logistics centers.

Increase efficiency in your logistics processes, reduce costs, and gain competitive advantage with Eye Transportation!