Warehouse Services: Safe and Fast Storage with Eye Logistics

As Eye Logistics, we offer warehouse services, which are among the complementary services of the end-to-end supply chain, with our expert and experienced team in our two warehouse facilities affiliated with Erenköy and Muratbey Customs. We add value to our customers’ business processes by providing fast and error-free service in value-added warehouse processes such as customs clearance, handling and labeling.

Save Time with AEO Certificate:

With the Authorized Obligation Certificate (AEO) issued by the Ministry of Customs and Trade, we save time for our customers and speed up their transactions. Thanks to this document, the transactions of our exporting customers are carried out faster and smoothly.

Bonded Area Storage:

We offer bonded area storage service for products to be transferred abroad. We ensure that transactions are carried out quickly and smoothly in accordance with customs regulations. We store our customers’ products safely with high-quality warehouse services.

Storage Facilities:

Eye Logistics’ storage facilities have the advantage of proximity to customs buildings. Our Hadımköy facility is 20 km away from Ambarlı Port, Muratbey Customs and Çatalca Customs. Our Samandra facility is 10 km from Erenköy Customs and 20 km from Sabiha Gökçen Airport. Thanks to these location advantages, the goods are processed effortlessly during the warehouse process.

Sector-Specific Solutions:

As Eye Logistics, we offer sectoral solutions to facilitate the import and export processes of our customers operating in different sectors. We develop special solutions for e-commerce, textile, automotive, retail, cosmetics, electronics and healthcare sectors and offer a wide range of value-added services in our high-capacity warehouses.

Your Reliable and Experienced Solution Partner:

As Eye Logistics, we are committed to being a reliable and experienced solution partner to our customers with full compliance with the regulations, large storage areas and advantageous warehouse storage fees. We fully meet all your logistics needs with our professional staff, sector-specific solutions and large warehouse areas. You can choose the right logistics solution partner by examining Eye Logistics’ different warehouse types, advantageous prices and sectoral solutions.