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Poland Driver Visa

If you want to get a Polish driver’s visa and want to get information about the stages of it, you can easily get a Polish driver’s visa by reviewing our site.

Poland is known as the ninth largest country in Europe in terms of surface area. The most striking feature of the architectural and living spaces is that it is a product of an East-West synthesis. Known for its education system and agriculture, almost one-third of Poland’s territory is forested, with a tiger-sized portion. Poland, which has a deep-rooted education system, is progressing with a system that allows students with Turkish passports to enter the university of their choice without the requirement for a university exam. In Poland, which is very popular in education and commercial areas from Turkey, the Turkish population is also quite high. While passport and visa are sufficient for those who will go for educational purposes, different documents are required for those who will go for business purposes.

Poland Driver Visa Documents and Stages

    • There are two important topics that those who want to get a Polish driver’s visa should know. How will they advance the visa application process? As they can continue their transactions with an individual application, they can easily perform these transactions with the authorized units by applying to our website. The steps to be followed in order to obtain a Polish driver’s visa are as follows;
    • The passport for which a Polish driver’s visa will be obtained must be valid for at least 3 months, including after the trip. At the same time, the current passport must be a 10-year passport.
    • It is necessary to submit a petition with a wet signature and stamp approved, showing that the driver is registered with the company specified, and on which the entry and exit dates indicating the work schedule of the driver are written.
    • Biometric information must be complete and new. 2 pictures taken at most 3 months ago and digital fingerprint documents must be scanned.
    • The Poland visa application form prepared by the Polish Consulate must be filled in completely and in line with the petition submitted by the company. It is very important that this document is filled in correctly and completely. At the slightest mistake, your Polish driver visa request will be denied. For this reason, the documents prepared by the company for you, the type of visa you request, and your travel dates should match each other.

Complete List of Documents Required for Obtaining a Polish Driver Visa

  • Schengen Visa application form. It should be carefully prepared and complete. Polish driver visa request petition. Petition to be submitted to the consulate. It must be written in English.
  • Passport; not expired and with blank pages, with a period of at least 3 more months after the trip.
  • 2 recent biometric photos.
  • Company invitation.
  • The petition containing the travel insurance and the guarantee letter taken out by the affiliated company.
  • A complete list of all current drivers of the affiliated company.
  • Driver’s license compatible with the vehicle to be driven by the driver requesting a Polish driver visa
  • Carnet or authorization certificate of the vehicle to be used
  • Working document to show that the driver is affiliated with the company, SGK service breakdown output.
  • When you decide to get a Polish driver’s visa, you can contact our center for any questions that may occur in your mind. Your document collection and control stages will be meticulously followed by our visa experts.