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Romania Driver Visa

It is obligatory to obtain a short-term Romanian driver visa for truck drivers carrying out any transportation, product, or passenger transportation from our country to Romania. As in other countries, you can apply for your visa online. Romania driver visa is a type of short-term visa that can only be used when transiting from Turkey to Romania. It is not a Schengen visa. It does not provide the rights and opportunities provided by the Schengen visa.

Romania is a country with a population of approximately twenty million, being the twelfth largest country in Europe, neighboring Bulgaria and Serbia, a member of the European Union, becoming a frequent destination especially for touristic trips, providing most of its economy from agriculture, and expanding its industrial production network in the years following. It is a Balkan country. Since it is a European Union country, it is within the scope of Schengen. This means that Turkish citizens cannot enter the country without a visa. There are two types of visas you must have to travel to Romania. One of them is a Schengen visa, while the other is a Romanian visa. In order to obtain a Romanian driver’s visa, you can complete all your transactions without getting tired by applying to the Romanian Consulate General or by contacting us by managing your visa process on your behalf.

Romania Driver Visa Procedures

The Romanian Consulate may request a face-to-face interview for visa application procedures. In the interview, the accuracy of the documents you have prepared for obtaining a Romanian driver’s visa is confirmed. For this reason, being meticulous while completing your visa procedures will prevent a possible visa refusal. In this article, we will explain the documents you need during the application to get a Romanian driver’s visa and how they are prepared.

Romania Driver Visa Document List

  • Passport; With a blank page in it, which must have a duration of at least 3 more months. Picture; 2 biometrics and must have been taken at most 3 months ago.
  • Application form; complete and all documents ready.
  • Documents declaring the reservation and the date range to be in the country.
  • Driver family registration information
  • Sgk or Bağkur records
  • If retired, an example of a retired wallet
  • Travel health insurance to be issued by the company. The cost should be 30,000 Euros
  • Sample of the company’s signature circular
  • Documentation of the vehicle to be used
  • Photocopy of driving license documents compatible with the vehicle to be used

About Romania Driver Visa

  • It should be known that the Romanian driver visa you will receive while transporting to Romania does not have the feature of a Schengen visa at the same time. This visa, which provides short-term accommodation within the country, cannot be used for transit to Schengen countries. Schengen visa and Romania driver visa are visas that provide different rights. Type C is a short-term entry visa. It is a type of visa that provides the right to stay in the country for a total of ninety days, ie up to 3 months, within a 6-month period. We will ensure that you get your Romanian visa safely in a short time by following the necessary documents on your behalf.