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Slovenia Driver Visa

There may be countries in the world that we hear about and are constantly familiar with, as well as countries that we do not hear often, but still, there are mutual interactions with these countries. Slovenia is one of the European countries that we do not hear of that name often, but that is starting to attract more and more attention in the world. As a matter of fact, Slovenia requires different types of visas from those who will come to their own country, depending on the purpose of their arrival. A Slovenian driver’s visa is one of them. It is a type of visa required from those carrying cargo or passengers to Slovenia.

The requirements for obtaining a Slovenian driver’s visa are as follows.

How to Apply?

      • First of all, if you need to answer the question of where to apply for a Slovenian driver’s visa, you can apply to the Slovenian Embassy in Ankara with the required documents. Of course, an appointment must be made in advance. Applications made without an appointment will not be accepted in any way. The Honorary Consulate General in Istanbul is not an authorized authority in this field. At this point, if it is necessary to mention the validity of the Slovenian driver’s visa, this visa remains valid for a maximum of 90 days for 180 days. If this period is exceeded, then it is necessary to apply again with the same documents. Unless there is an extra situation specific to the driver visa application, positive or negative feedback will be made within 15 days, but people must be able to apply one month before going to Slovenia. Because in some cases, the Slovenian Embassy may request extra documents. If people have the slightest concern while making this application, they can also apply through the centers working in this field.

Required Documents for Application

  • The documents required during the Slovenian driver visa are as follows:
  • Vehicle licenses
  • C2 export license
  • Travel health insurance valid in all Schengen countries with a minimum coverage amount of 30,000 Euros
  • The license plate number of the vehicle to be used
  • Insurance information and SSI certificate of the relevant driver
  • Planned entry and exit dates to Slovenia
  • Valid and up-to-date information about the cooperating company in Slovenia
  • If the driver is retired, the retirement allocation document or if he is working, the Turkish identity number
  • Document showing the information showing that the relevant company is working in Slovenia
  • Company bank statement
  • Driver’s ID copy
  • 2 biometric photos of the driver taken according to the relevant criteria
  • Slovenia us application form, which must be filled in completely, error-free and honestly and with a wet signature.
  • Passport, as in other countries, is valid for 3 months after exiting the country and is a 10-year-old passport with the last two blank pages.
  • Information containing the real estate of the company, if any
  • Driver’s license with international validity
  • Information about the place of reservation or accommodation
  • If the person is going to go to Slovenia as a driver on behalf of one of the public institutions, additional documents are required. As can be seen from the information above, the Slovenian driver visa requires 3 types of documents such as personal, financial, and professional documents. Of course, the visa application fee must also be paid. You can find out what the visa fee is from the Slovenian Embassy.