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Slovakia Driver Visa

Based on the change experienced in the changing world order, today there are countries on earth that did not exist before. And one of those countries is Slovakia, which used to be in Czechoslovakia and is a European country on its own, after the fragmentation in the Eastern Blog. After declaring its independence, Slovakia is a European country with rapid developments in the field of business. As a matter of fact, there are constant business trips from our country to this country. Based on this, Slovakia requires a driver visa especially for truck drivers who will go to this country as a driver. Otherwise, entry into this country is strictly prohibited.

Slovakia driver visa is a type of Schengen visa, as in other similar countries, and this visa is required for drivers who will transit from this country to another country.

How to Apply?

    • After this general entry above, the most basic thing to do to get a Slovakia driver’s visa is to prepare the following documents. If people do not feel competent while preparing these documents or are afraid of doing something missing, then this visa application can be made through a company working in this field. Applications for Slovenia can be made individually, as well as through visa centers and relevant approved agencies working in this field. can be made by giving The most basic issue here is the preparation of documents in a complete, unfalsified, and error-free manner. After the documents are prepared, an appointment should be made by calling one of the Slovakian Embassy, ​​Slovakian Consulate, or Slovakian Consulate General, which is authorized in this field. On the day and time of the appointment given to you, the relevant documents are delivered and the process begins. The applicant must go and apply in person at the exact time. Under normal circumstances, the Slovakian authorities finalize the application within 5 to 7 days. In other words, the duration is shorter than in other countries, but still, considering all possible problems and unexpected situations, it is necessary to apply for a driver at least 15 days in advance.

Required Documents for Application

  • Documents required for a Slovakia driver visa are as follows:
  • C2 document with an export permit
  • Registration of the relevant company with the chamber of commerce
  • Driver’s driver’s license with national and international validity
  • A chart containing the driver list of the relevant company
  • Complete data with driver’s SSI breakdown and all job-related information.
  • Employment notice, service breakdown, etc.
  • Notary approved a letter of invitation from the company from the European Union countries
  • If he is a member, a letter of guarantee from the International Transporters Association, whose short name is UND, or the guarantee letter of the company itself, which must be signed and stamped. Driver’s travel health insurance

These are the documents required for the Slovakia driver’s visa, but sometimes the Slovak authorities may request additional documents if they deem it necessary. As it can be understood from the information above, a driver’s visa can be obtained easily by preparing much fewer documents than the documents required for driver visas of other countries. Of course, the visa application fee must also be paid.